I was on my way the other day to see our Computer Services team, who do an outstanding job, by the way. Their offices are in the bottom floor of Baxter Hall.

Interesting feelings for an old guy like me as I rounded the corner from the first floor classrooms to the faculty and staff offices.  Heart rate increases a little, palms get sweaty, eyes start darting around.  Only one explanation – right back in student mode.

I half expected Economics professors Bill Bonifield or Steve Schmutte to come around the corner and ask me why my paper was late or how my Econ. independent study project was coming along.

I loved studying Economic here.  What made it special were special teachers – like Schmutte, like Bonifield, and like the professor who helped me find my way – Robin Pebworth.  They have all moved on…sort of.  They’re also all here…for me.

See you Tuesday…have a safe weekend.