On the eve of Commencement, the College does a great job of providing a relaxing setting and great food for our seniors and their families.  This year was no exception.  Tom Keedy ’77 and his team in the business office worked hand in hand with Mary Jo Arthur and her folks in Bon Appetit to provide a very nice evening.

Of course, the evening was also special as it offered an opportunity for the Wabash Community to thank Andy and Anne Ford for their service to Wabash and for the National Association of Wabash Men (NAWM) to honor Anne Ford by making her an honorary Alumna of the College. I am sure our seniors were thrilled – Anne picked the Class of 2006 as her class.

It was interesting to watch the faces of our seniors as it was sinking in that their time here, as a student, was almost over.  Mere hours remained. Garth Cheek ’06 (top photo, second from right) and his family were full of excitement.  Garth will work for American Funds and looks forward to a bright future with a great company.  Another young man, Matt Ripley ’06 (right), was hanging on to his student days for all its worth.  I asked him about the Sphinx Club apparel.  His answer was exactly what I expected…"I won’t get to do this again."

Great expectations and fond memories…you gotta’ love this place!