The 2006 version of the Big Bash is just around the corner.  We get a lot of help from our friends around campus – we couldn’t do it without a great team.  However, a lot of the work is done by three key people – Mike Warren ’93, Michele Tatar, and Heather Bazzani.  They really make the weekend come together.

I have two favorite parts of the Bash.  The first is the Chapel Sing Competition.  Our guys, in friendly competition, take turns belting out the words to "Old Wabash".  I can’t begin to describe how neat it is to watch – you just have to see it for yourself.

The other part that’s equally fun to watch is the casual conversations – by couples, classmates, friends.  We purposely don’t plan every minute – those empty minutes more than take care of themselves.

Big Bash 2006 – the best Bash yet!