We’re expecting over 300 alumni, and over 500 total guests, next weekend for the 2006 Big Bash.  The 2006 Bash will be our biggest reunion ever – at least as far back as we could see.  We’ll welcome back an alumnus from the Class of 1939 and a very recent alumna from the class of 2006, Anne Ford H’06!

Getting ready for that kind of a crowd takes a lot of work and the Advancement team came together this morning to help us build the reunion packets. 

Many thanks go out to our friends in Advancement for their help this morning – Joe, Klen ’97, Roger Busch ’96, Rhonda Maynor, Guyanna Spurway, Mona Clouse, Steve Charles, Mike Warren ’93, Michele Tatar, Heather Bazzani, David Troutman, Nathan Bates ’07 (the Annual Fund’s summer intern), and Scott Fendley’88.  Without their help, we’d still be putting those together!


Top photo:  Mona Clouse and Guy Spurway numbering plates for the reunion pictures while Roger Busch, Steve Charles, Heather Bazzani, and Mike Warren assemble packets.

Above right:  The photographer caught Rhonda Maynor in the middle of a smile as she assembled reunion packets.

Bottom right: Mona Clouse and Guy Spurway making the paper plates for the reunion pictures…don’t ask, it’s a very special plate!