Check It Out

Alumni are always asking these questions:

   – How do I send you an address update?

   – How do I track down my friends from Wabash?

   – Where can I get some help with…(fill in the blank)?

To answer most of these questions, we recently added a "Help" button, if you will, to the Alumni and Parents web site (look on the right side of the page).  It looks like this:




The beauty of this button is all you need to do is click it, consider several different help questions, and let the web site do the rest.

Simple. Easy.  Designed to help.  Just as easy as the "Staples Easy Button". 

(By the way – this button works as well – try it!)

Saturday Evening – Emotions off the Charts!

On the eve of Commencement, the College does a great job of providing a relaxing setting and great food for our seniors and their families.  This year was no exception.  Tom Keedy ’77 and his team in the business office worked hand in hand with Mary Jo Arthur and her folks in Bon Appetit to provide a very nice evening.

Of course, the evening was also special as it offered an opportunity for the Wabash Community to thank Andy and Anne Ford for their service to Wabash and for the National Association of Wabash Men (NAWM) to honor Anne Ford by making her an honorary Alumna of the College. I am sure our seniors were thrilled – Anne picked the Class of 2006 as her class.

It was interesting to watch the faces of our seniors as it was sinking in that their time here, as a student, was almost over.  Mere hours remained. Garth Cheek ’06 (top photo, second from right) and his family were full of excitement.  Garth will work for American Funds and looks forward to a bright future with a great company.  Another young man, Matt Ripley ’06 (right), was hanging on to his student days for all its worth.  I asked him about the Sphinx Club apparel.  His answer was exactly what I expected…"I won’t get to do this again."

Great expectations and fond memories…you gotta’ love this place!



It was wet…rainy…cold…windy…a perfect day for golf!  If you are a duck, that is!

However, we had a great turnout of students and alumni for the first-ever golf-networking event sponsored by the Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC) and the Alumni and Parent Relations office.  Students, most of them seniors, we’re teamed with Wabash alumni to learn and practice the finer points of networking during a round of golf.

Everyone involved declared it a great event…one well worth continuing.


Many thanks to the SCC’s Scott Crawford, Stephanie Hopkins, and Ben Hewitt ’05, and to our Mike Warren ’93 for setting up the event.


Photo:  Tom Dean ’72 (foreground) and Lu Hamilton ’76, teamed with current students, listen to the last minute instruction.

Craig Bell – Gone…But Still One of Us!

Yesterday the Wabash community said farewell to Craig Bell, director of Campus Services…sort of.  Craig, who actually works for Sodexho, has been promoted and will take a senior management level position.  In this new position, Craig will oversee the operation at Wabash.  So, in a way, we get to keep Craig.  David Morgan has been promoted to take Craig’s place.


Craig has been a great asset to the College. Virtually every time we have an alumni event on campus I hear over and over again that the campus has never looked better.  Our Campus Services team deserves the credit – they consider this campus their home and it’s always ready for guests.

We wish Craig all the best, we hope to see him often, and we look forward to working with David.

Phi Psi Construction Moving Right Along

Commencement is still a couple of days away but construction at the Phi Psi fraternity house is moving right along.  Bet those seniors aren’t getting a lot of "sleep in" time as construction is going on strong starting at 7:00 AM!

The Phi Psi men are in the process of moving all of their furniture to the now old FIJI house where they’ll be staying next semester.

You can track the progress on the Phi Psi house in their dedicated blog.  

Big Bash 2006 – Wally's Dad to Appear

Rumor has it that the Class of 1961, guided by J.B. Bachman, their class agent, is making a concerted effort to bring Wally Wabash’s dad, pictured at right, back to campus. Wally senior was the class of %&!#…a long, long time ago.

Look for Wally Sr. when you’re back.  If you don’t see him, ask a member of the "Many Milers" of 1961 – I am sure they’ll point you in the right direction.

As you can see, Wally Sr. didn’t quite have the same workout regimen as Wally Jr.

The Big Bash 2006 – sign up now!

Scott Crawford -Careers By Day, Eggs at Night

That’s Scott Crawford, director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC), "suiting up" for last week’s Midnight Munch.

Scott’s really made a difference in his time at Wabash.  Not only has he been involved in many on-campus activities, but his efforts in the SCC have really been exceptional.  In fact, one 2006 Wabash graduate has asked Scott to help a friend at another institution because their career services aren’t nearly as good as ours.

That has to be the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"!

Changing of the Guard

I’ve mentioned Midnight Munch before and I will next Monday as well.  I stepped away from my pancake service duties long enough Tuesday night to catch Horace "HT" Turner H’76 and Professor Tim Lake chatting.

Horace will retire at the end of the year and Tim will take over as the director of the MXI. Horace has touch hundreds of young men’s lives as friend, teacher, counselor and mentor.  Imagine the changing times he’s see on the Indiana and National horizons…

Tim comes in as the "new guy", but not really.  Tim’s been teaching here and he’s already developed great friendships with many of our young men.  Recently, HT has done a lot of information "handing off" and Tim is "running with the ball"…I don’t think you could ask for a better transition…

Good things to come for our College, I am sure…

Big Bash 2006 – They're Coming, What About You?


Only a few more weeks to register for the Big Bash…are you thinking C’ville is just to far to travel?

Well…think again, my friend!

–  Dick Ristine ’41 is coming from Upper Michigan

–  Charlie Bowerman ’61 is making the trip from Oklahoma

–  David Kendall ’66 is coming from Washington, DC 

–  Kai Chin ’71 is traveling from the Far East!

–  Tim Gagen ’76 is coming from Colorado

These guys are all looking forward to seeing you at the Bash!  Register on-line now by clicking here.

Burning the Midnight Oil

Last night was another installment of the Wabash tradition called Midnight Munch.  As always we had a great time serving our guys breakfast from 11:00 PM to a little after midnight.

I had the opportunity right before the meal to walk around and take a few pictures.  This is the front of the Lilly Library.  Right above the entrance the alcove has several guys with their heads buried in the books.  The picture could be May 2006, 1996, 1986, or 1976…only the haircuts have changed.

Finals week…cramming…caffeine…adrenaline.


Like Wabash.