My son Chris ’94 flew in for a short visit Friday evening. While waiting for his flight to arrive, I saw a young mother and her four children waiting as well. Something told me her husband was in the military. I was right…Army first lieutenant.

When his flight arrived, those 4 kids were pretty excited…and so was Mom!

In the midst of their reunion, an older lady walked slowly by the group. She looked at the officer and his wife and quietly said "Thank you for serving" to them both.

What a moment!

I thought back to my 26 years…and to the service of many Wabash alumni including General Earl Johnson ’38, Herb Johnson ’67, Paul Cunningham ’67, Jim Roper ’68…and Ethan Olberding ’99. Of course, Jeremy Wright ’96, killed in acton, also came to mind. I hoped they were thanked by someone along the way…it meant so much to this young couple…

and to the Grunge.