The Five Amigos

Ken Crawford ’69, Tom Billings ’63, Bob Bittel ’57, Skip Lindeman ’64 and the Grunge – a sequel to Space Cowboys?   Not really.

But these guys had a GREAT time.  Ken took this crew on a superb tour of Edwards Air Force Base, the home of the Air Force Test Pilot School and some of the NASA space program operations.  We also had a chance to see the lunar landing practice module (behind those guys) and had a great lunch at Domingo’s, the restaurant in nearby Boron, CA made famous as a post-space flight meal by our astronauts.

Ken was a great host and we certainly learned a lot.  The trip up and back from LA was one of constant laughter –  a million jokes.  Not only was Skip a news anchor before becoming a minister but I think he has a solid streak of jokester in him.  Bob Bittel is a close second!

A great day of fun punctuated by at least two dozen fond Wabash memories – Don Baker, Vic Powell, Norwood Brigance, Frank Sparks, Willis Johnson, Byron Trippet, and a lot of others.

To quote Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity…and beyond!”

Skip, Ken, Tom, and Bob...and a Grunge favorite, the F-111