I received an email from a blog reader who asked about my visit to Jones Day.  His question specifically addressed the current difficult hiring situation of attorneys in general.  I thought it was an important and timely question and one that should be addressed in the blog.

Greg, Ben, and Scott actually discussed two separate but related aspects of that very question.

The first was the decision to attend law school.  Ben said that he gets asks that alot, just like his brother, Dr. Josh Robinson ’97, gets asked about medical school.  He said Josh simply says one better like a lot more about being a doctor than just biology.  Ben says the same thing about the law.

The second question involved opportunity.  Greg hit on the “fit” for a particular firm and some current trends in hiring.  Greg sees “fit” as very important.  He also pointed out that with hiring freezes and cuts, in programs like summer associates, the way to a big firm may be through a little firm…more than ever before.

All three attorneys mentioned that it isn’t the getting hired that counts – it’s the work you do once you find the position.  At Jones Day, an associate serves for almost 10 years before being offered a partner position.  During that time effort, quality of work, and fit are all important and constantly evaluated.

I’ll add my 2 cents worth as well.  (After all, I’ve had some “courtroom experience”…a story for another decade.) A “JD” doesn’t mean one must be a lawyer, just like an “MBA” doesn’t mean accounting staff.  Those degrees are hyper useful in a wide variety of fields so they, like a liberal arts degree, can expand your opportunities.

I rest.