2011 Freshman Orientation

First step - pick up your packet

Freshman Orientation, the 2011 version.  California, Texas, Mississippi, Wisconsin…and all places in between.  Almost 300 guys will be rung in by President White later today.

And don't forget the paperwork

And of course, there’s always some paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Gene King '78 cooking up a storm

The TEKE alumni we’re hosting along with the current members – that’s Chef Gene King ’78 doing the honors.

The Betas "settled" here back in 18...

Are they getting younger and younger or am I…


Do You Recognize These Guys?

New Defensive Coordinator BJ Hammer '01

Wabash legend BJ Hammer has returned to be the new Defensive Coordinator for the Little Giants.  BJ was teaching the finer points of rushing to the freshmen.

Defensive backs coach Mike Warren '93

That’s Coach Mike Warren ’93 throwing passes at practice.  As a defensive backs coach, he was working on pass coverage.

Football intern Matt Kraft '10

Former football player Matt Kraft ’10 is back on the field as an intern for this year’s team.  Matt’s a great guy and he’ll bring a lot to the table.

And We're Off

Coach Raeburn working with the Offensive Linemen

Had a few minutes yesterday morning to swing by football practice (for the freshmen) and soccer practice.  Coaches Giannini and Raeburn already have the squads working hard.  Football open on September 10th at Wooster and soccer plays here on September 3rd.

Soccer team doing drills

Playing For Change Day – Bruce Gras '68 Will Be Busy

Bruce Gras ’68, who is involved with at least a dozen enterprises including the music industry, told us about an event he is helping support.   It’s called
“Playing For Change Day” and the initial one takes place on September 17, 2011.

The vision is pretty simple: “to inspire a global community of musicians and fans on street corners, sidewalks, cafés, and concert halls for the 1st annual Playing For Change Day”.  They’ll help raise money to build schools, support music and arts programs, purchase instruments, and connect students around the world.

You can find out more at:

Bruce?  On September 17, 2011 he’ll be playing in an event in Culpeper, VA in the morning, then one in Fredericksburg, VA in the afternoon, then flying to Nashville, TN to play there in the evening (

Thinking critically, acting responsibly, leading effectively, and living humanely.  That sums it up!

September 17, 2011.

Edward Evans '13 wins summer research award at Univ. of Arkansas

      Edward received the Tony Jude Award for outstanding research at the conclusion of the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) chemistry and biochemistry program at the University of Arkansas this summer.  Edward researched “Expression and Purification of Cdc42 and PBD46, an Important Ras-Protein Complex,” under the direction of Prof. Paul Adams.  Edward is a chemistry and mathematics major and French minor here at Wabash.  This is the 23rd year the Arkansas chemistry and biochemistry department has sponsored the NSF-REU summer program on its campus.

Edward receives the 2011 Tony Jude Award.

      The Tony Jude Award was created in 2002 in honor of Univ. of Arkansas alumnus and former REU student Anthony Jude, Ph.D. ’98, who passed away in 2001. He had participated in the department REU in 1992. At the time of his death, he was an assistant professor of chemistry at UALR.

      The REU supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation.  The 10-week program allows undergraduate chemistry majors, who will be juniors or seniors in the fall, to carry out research in a chosen area, including: analytical chemistry, biochemistry and protein dynamics, inorganic chemistry and nanotechnology, organic chemistry, and physical or theoretical chemistry.  Participants present the results of their summer projects at the conclusion of the program, when the award is announced.

Congratulations, Edward!

Photo courtesy of
The University of Arkansas

Jones Day – Follow UP

I received an email from a blog reader who asked about my visit to Jones Day.  His question specifically addressed the current difficult hiring situation of attorneys in general.  I thought it was an important and timely question and one that should be addressed in the blog.

Greg, Ben, and Scott actually discussed two separate but related aspects of that very question.

The first was the decision to attend law school.  Ben said that he gets asks that alot, just like his brother, Dr. Josh Robinson ’97, gets asked about medical school.  He said Josh simply says one better like a lot more about being a doctor than just biology.  Ben says the same thing about the law.

The second question involved opportunity.  Greg hit on the “fit” for a particular firm and some current trends in hiring.  Greg sees “fit” as very important.  He also pointed out that with hiring freezes and cuts, in programs like summer associates, the way to a big firm may be through a little firm…more than ever before.

All three attorneys mentioned that it isn’t the getting hired that counts – it’s the work you do once you find the position.  At Jones Day, an associate serves for almost 10 years before being offered a partner position.  During that time effort, quality of work, and fit are all important and constantly evaluated.

I’ll add my 2 cents worth as well.  (After all, I’ve had some “courtroom experience”…a story for another decade.) A “JD” doesn’t mean one must be a lawyer, just like an “MBA” doesn’t mean accounting staff.  Those degrees are hyper useful in a wide variety of fields so they, like a liberal arts degree, can expand your opportunities.

I rest.


A Jones Day Wabash Day

Ben Robinson '01, Greg Castanias '87, and Scott Medsker '03

I had the privilege to spend part of the day with three Wabash men at the Washington, DC location of the law firm Jones Day.  Greg Castanias ’87 is a partner with the firm and Ben Robinson ’01 and Scott Medkser ’03 are associates.  I made a couple of short videos of Greg, Ben, and Scott sharing some of their Wabash stories.   With luck some of those videos may end up on the Wabash web site.

I came away very proud and impressed.  Not only are these guys superb lawyers (they wouldn’t be with a firm like Jones Day of they weren’t!) but they are also great guys.  They had different experiences at Wabash but the themes of a Wabash education – “Wabash pushed me harder and farther than I ever imagined” / “Wabash professors changed my life” – ran through every story.

It was a great day!

Mark Shreve '04 brings Italian eating local

       While living and working in Italy after graduation, Mark Shreve ’04 learned the Culinary Art of Eating, too.  This month Mark was featured on the Edible Indy web site, with a menu especially created for the family owners of Trader’s Point Creamery, a grass-fed farm and dairy just outside of Indianapolis – using Trader’s Point’s own products.

Be sure to link to the recipes at the end of the article, which include:

Summer Crostini
Panazella Salad with Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette
New York Strip Steaks with Spicy Herb Pesto
Panna Cotta with Blackberries and Basil 

Are we hungry yet?  Now get cooking!

Thanks to Chemistry Prof. Scott Feller, himself a local family farm-to-table farmer,  for the heads up about Mark!

Dr. Bob Einterz '77 named IU Global Health Professor

Dr. Robert M. Einterz ’77, associate dean for global health, director of the IU Center for Global Health and professor of clinical medicine at the IU School of Medicine, has been named the school’s first Donald E. Brown Professor in Global Health.  Mr. Brown, co-founder of Indianapolis-based Interactive Intelligence Group Inc., recently gifted $1.5 million to establish the Center’s first endowed faculty position.  Click here to read more about this new professorship. 

Bob is also a co-founder of the IU-Kenya Partnership, a 22-year-old program that has used intercontinental resources to battle the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Eastern Africa.  In 2009, he spoke at the prestigious Last Lecture Series near the end of the academic year at IUPUI.

In June, Wabash students unexpectedly met up with Bob while traveling on the Kenya Immersion tripWabash Magazine editor Steve Charles blogged, “A surprise meeting—first we encountered in the Indianapolis airport Susan Shepard, a linguist going to Eldoret in Kenya to do work connected with the IU/Kenya Partnership there co-founded by alumnus Dr. Bob Einterz ’77. Then we encountered Bob himself in the Amsterdam Airport, on his way to Eldoret for an unexpected meeting. A group of our students will journey from Nairobi to Eldoret Saturday to see the IU/Kenya Partnership clinic there and to do some work—they may get to see Bob again at this place whose work we’ve admired for so long.”  Dr. Bob Einterz, Some Little Giant!

Dr. Adam Paarlberg '04 joins family medicine group

Dr. Adam M. Paarlberg ’04 has joined Beech Grove Family Medicine of St. Francis Medical Group in Beech Grove, IN.  He most recently worked in the emergency department at Rushville Memorial Hospital and completed residency training at Franciscan St. Francis Health.  Adam was a religion major at Wabash and earned his medical degree at the IU School of Medicine.  In Fall 2010, he received a grant from the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation Medical Alliance Fund for travel to help provide charitable medical services in an underserved area in Thailand.