Bruce Gras ’68, who is involved with at least a dozen enterprises including the music industry, told us about an event he is helping support.   It’s called
“Playing For Change Day” and the initial one takes place on September 17, 2011.

The vision is pretty simple: “to inspire a global community of musicians and fans on street corners, sidewalks, cafés, and concert halls for the 1st annual Playing For Change Day”.  They’ll help raise money to build schools, support music and arts programs, purchase instruments, and connect students around the world.

You can find out more at:  www.playingforchangeday.org.

Bruce?  On September 17, 2011 he’ll be playing in an event in Culpeper, VA in the morning, then one in Fredericksburg, VA in the afternoon, then flying to Nashville, TN to play there in the evening (www.brucegrasonharp.com).

Thinking critically, acting responsibly, leading effectively, and living humanely.  That sums it up!

September 17, 2011.