IAWM – Road Trip

The IAWM sponsored a bus trip last weekend to take in a Reds and Cubs baseball game.  As you can see over 30 people, many of them alumni, took part.  They returned at 1:00 AM so this has to be the picture of the trip TO the game.

 A couple of them missed their reunions at the Big Bash – it was the same weekend.  The choices you have to make!   

Photo from Seamus Boyce – thanks Seamus!

Alma Mater

Took this Sunday morning at the conclusion of the Big Bash Awards ceremony.  The Glee Club members of the Class of 1959 wanted to sing Alma Mater and invited all other Glee Clubbers in the room to join them. 

That’s a rising junior standing next to Sherm Franz ’59 and a member of the Class of 1989.

Separated by age and hairline – bonded together by everything that is Wabash.

The post-bash days are always tough.  We realize what we could have done better and, believe me, we get plenty of constructive criticism.  The nature of the Alumni Relations beast.  Especially here.

But the smiles from the participants are what makes the Bash special.  One lady came up to me at the end and said, with tears on her cheeks and Wabash-red eyes, "the Alma Mater got me".  That’s when we know it was successful.



Troy Scott '64 Writes…

I was on my back to Dallas yesterday afternoon thankful that your efforts as well as countless others had allowed me to accomplish all of my "bash goals".  I had reconnected with men I had not seen for over four decades.  I got to visit once again with Coach Bob Brock and enjoy his dry wit and twinkle.  I walked the length and breadth of the campus and, I am sure, visited places I had never seen as a student.  I got a few "stories" off my chest in the Scarlet Yarns room.  I revisited Goodrich Hall and reassured myself that there were indeed only ninety-three elements in the periodic table, just as Professor Haenisch had taught me, and clearly recognized that any element found after 1964 was man-made and fraudulent.  I saw students and alumni and staff all working in a purposeful and dedicated fashion toward the same goals.  My greatest surprise, and I am sure you have heard this before, was that although only 5 or 6% of our lives were spent together my core group of college friends did not spend two days and nights talking about the other 95% of our lives since our  graduation.  Indeed, only a small amount of time was "wasted" on job careers, family, etc.  Rather,the compressed amount of time we spent together at Wabash was tilled so that these precious few "nuggets" of collective remembrances were unearthed, and sifted, and revisited, and lied about…….. then replanted in the ground for harvesting again and again in the thanksgivings of our lives……thanks. 

Troy Scott’64

Big Bash 2009 – Behind the Scenes

Big Bash – the Good News.  389 alumni signed the Alumni Register making this the biggest Big Bash on record.  The weather was pretty close to perfect which made it all that much better.  No snafus…at least none that we will tell you about.

The Great News – we are truly fortunate to have super dedicated and talented teams in Bon Appetit, our catering folks, and in Sodexho, campus services.  We quite simply could not pull off the Big Bash without their help.

I wandered back into the kitchen area on Sunday morning to give you a feel for it.  This picture sums it up pretty well as the hallway is crammed with equipment and food.  In an un-air conditioned kitchen designed to feed 200 or so a bazillion years ago, the team had prepared a meal for 700 the night before.  Oh, by the way? That 700 were served in 10 different campus locations…at the same time.

The campus and all the event venues were prepared to perfection by our campus services team.  Just to make sure they were busy, a large limb broke off of a tree near the Chapel on Saturday morning.  It was gone, and cleaned up, long before Chapel Sing later that morning.

389 alumni attended..from 6 other countries and 35 states including Hawaii.  

389 is a huge number…so we’ll shoot for 400 next year.

[Many thanks to all nine readers for your pruf reading of the blog – some entries are done in the wee hours …and as you well no, I need all the help I can git. :-)]



Class of 1959 Warm Up

The Big Bash officially starts in about 30 minutes but over 80 alumni and spouses from the Class of 1959 got together last night to unofficially start the process a little early.  They gathered for conversation and dinner at the Country Club here in town.  

They were well into having a great time when I left.  The most fun they had, I think, was catching up with old friends…some they hadn’t seen for decades.

A special time – felt a little like an extra thumb…but a YOUNG extra thumb!

Photo:  Reunion book publisher Chris Johnson (l) tells the guys a story.

Big Bash-Moving Day

Heather and Michele are putting the finishing touches on almost 400 reunion packets – including the name tags you see.  They personalize every packet with everything an alumnus and his family need for the weekend.  Man, are we lucky to have them on the team!

When the packets are complete, we move them over to the Allen Center where registration begins tomorrow morning, bright and early.  In this photo you see a portion of those packets.

This might, just might, be the Biggest of the Big Bashs to date.  We’ll see.  The official score card for attendance, as it always has been and will always be (as long as the Grunge is here) is the signature in the book.  If you sign, you’re here.  If you don’t, you’re not.

Pretty simple – even a fighter pilot can figure that out.

Big Bash Starts Tomorrow

Dreary, wet cold,day at Wabash yesterday.  Walking back to the office I took this picture with my iPhone.  Well…thousand words and a thousand meanings…

That’s the alumni office building and the truck is delivering…well, it better if you fill in the blank! 

Big Bash Week – A Whole New Meaning For the Grunge

So, we’re pretty busy in our office right now -everyone is busting their backsides to make sure the 350+ alumni we’re expecting, and their families, have a good time at the Bash.  As such the days have been pretty long…but nobody has complained.

The weather looks good for the weekend.  Usual summer stuff…but otherwise…

This just in!

A thunderstorm with high winds just happened to knock over a tree in my backyard.  From this view, not too bad.  Could have been much worse.  However, the front looks long and ugly, which means a lot of rain.  So, the fact that one limb is in our computer room and another is stuck in our attic…well, it just tests a person’s flexibility, doesn’t it.  


So, if I seem a little distracted and take a call or two from USAA in Texas during the Bash, blame it on my inability to multi-task as well as the old days.

The Challenge – We're Looking for a Few Alumni

OK, maybe a few more than a few…but we can get this done!

The bottom line is extremely simple – raise a million dollars in 30 days.  It’s for the guys who count the most – our students.

We’re fortunate that a group of loyal alumni already has started this campaign – putting the ultimate goal within our reach.

I checked the ticket tape, like all of you will do, at the Challenge Page.  Yep, the Grunge is on there.  Hope you will be soon.  Tell them the Grunge Report sent you!