Had a chance to have lunch near Independence Hall with 2008 graduate Brandon Stewart.  Brandon works for FIRE – that’s the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.  FIRE protects the rights of faculty and students who believe those rights have been compromised.  FIRE is co-funded by grants and by the donations of private parties who appreciate the work of the organization.

It was clearly evident that Brandon really enjoys what he does.  It”s almost as if the stars aligned, the clouds open, and the job/person match was formed up there.  Brandon does sees himslef in politics one day, behind the scenes as he says, but for right now, he’s living the liberal arts life.  Something new and different every single day.

You probably have heard Brandon is working with Bruce Gras ’68 on Wabash Stories as well.  That’s good news for all – Bruce and Brandon are movers and shakers who will keep that site growing.