Big Bash – the Good News.  389 alumni signed the Alumni Register making this the biggest Big Bash on record.  The weather was pretty close to perfect which made it all that much better.  No snafus…at least none that we will tell you about.

The Great News – we are truly fortunate to have super dedicated and talented teams in Bon Appetit, our catering folks, and in Sodexho, campus services.  We quite simply could not pull off the Big Bash without their help.

I wandered back into the kitchen area on Sunday morning to give you a feel for it.  This picture sums it up pretty well as the hallway is crammed with equipment and food.  In an un-air conditioned kitchen designed to feed 200 or so a bazillion years ago, the team had prepared a meal for 700 the night before.  Oh, by the way? That 700 were served in 10 different campus locations…at the same time.

The campus and all the event venues were prepared to perfection by our campus services team.  Just to make sure they were busy, a large limb broke off of a tree near the Chapel on Saturday morning.  It was gone, and cleaned up, long before Chapel Sing later that morning.

389 alumni attended..from 6 other countries and 35 states including Hawaii.  

389 is a huge number…so we’ll shoot for 400 next year.

[Many thanks to all nine readers for your pruf reading of the blog – some entries are done in the wee hours …and as you well no, I need all the help I can git. :-)]