I was on my back to Dallas yesterday afternoon thankful that your efforts as well as countless others had allowed me to accomplish all of my "bash goals".  I had reconnected with men I had not seen for over four decades.  I got to visit once again with Coach Bob Brock and enjoy his dry wit and twinkle.  I walked the length and breadth of the campus and, I am sure, visited places I had never seen as a student.  I got a few "stories" off my chest in the Scarlet Yarns room.  I revisited Goodrich Hall and reassured myself that there were indeed only ninety-three elements in the periodic table, just as Professor Haenisch had taught me, and clearly recognized that any element found after 1964 was man-made and fraudulent.  I saw students and alumni and staff all working in a purposeful and dedicated fashion toward the same goals.  My greatest surprise, and I am sure you have heard this before, was that although only 5 or 6% of our lives were spent together my core group of college friends did not spend two days and nights talking about the other 95% of our lives since our  graduation.  Indeed, only a small amount of time was "wasted" on job careers, family, etc.  Rather,the compressed amount of time we spent together at Wabash was tilled so that these precious few "nuggets" of collective remembrances were unearthed, and sifted, and revisited, and lied about…….. then replanted in the ground for harvesting again and again in the thanksgivings of our lives……thanks. 

Troy Scott’64