So, after seeing the Senior Bench in a paint "disarray" a few days ago, I decided to swing by with the camera to "see what I could see".  I have to admit, my jaw dropped just a wee bit when I rounded the corner to see the pink bench nicely trimmed.

Pink bench…hmmm…the fighter pilot in me started…

Then I walked to the back of the bench and the light came on.  Vilma Santana, a Modern Language intern, and the other interns had decided to paint the bench.  That part I knew…sort of.

I wondered aloud how that might turn out.

Here’s what I found…and I had hoped to find this sort of "statement."

These young ladies love Wabash.  I guess I knew that…or hoped that they loved their experience here.

This Good Place…blessed with interns who get the place and genuinely help these young men grow.