Commencement is here.  This coming Sunday.  The Class of 2009.

The interesting thing to note is that the REAL signal to many a senior is this historic event – the raising of the Commencement bleachers.  The seniors have a multitude of chores to complete before Commencement, not the least of which is finals, papers, and of course, Comps.  But in talking to one of the class agents for the Class of 2009, the bleachers going up is the watershed moment for Commencement. That means it really will happen.

He told me he worried on Wednesday when the "sign" had not yet appeared.  Did that mean the bleachers were cost-engineered out?  I assured him that we could still pay for the bleachers.

65 degrees and sunny this Sunday.  Can’t wait.  The seniors?  Well, they are truly conflicted.  A story for another time.