Wabash Ladies – The Ladies in Red

Red was the color of the day at Commencement this year (isn’t it always?) and these four Wabash ladies all looked great!  

That’s Chris White, Amina McIntyre (assistant director of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies), Alice Phillips, and Carol Runge (wife of Wabash staff member Tom Runge).

The weather was perfect, Commencement went off without a hitch, and we have another crop, 195 strong, of young men headed out to change the world.


Only 151 Grunge Report blogs to go.


Two Special Men of Religion

Took this photo at Baccalaureate yesterday – David Blix and Father "Monk" Malloy of Notre Dame…and now of Wabash College!

David Blix needs no introduction.  

Father Malloy was President of Notre Dame, "my president" when I had the good fortune to serve on the staff there.  Father Malloy led Notre Dame for 18 years.  He still lives in Sorin Hall, a residence hall on campus right next to the Golden Dome.

The common thread here is David and Father Malloy’s service as professor’s of Religion.  I have seen David talk of Islam and Sunday Father Malloy mentioned Islam and at least six other religions during his sermon. They know what they are talking about.  They both are men of God but also men who deeply understand Religion as a form of common ground, not as a form of division.  You certainly don’t need to be a believer in any Religion to understand these two men are really something special. 

Sunday was a special day in so many ways.  Please make sure you look over the web site for all the coverage of Commencement.


The Real Test of Commencement Time

Commencement is here.  This coming Sunday.  The Class of 2009.

The interesting thing to note is that the REAL signal to many a senior is this historic event – the raising of the Commencement bleachers.  The seniors have a multitude of chores to complete before Commencement, not the least of which is finals, papers, and of course, Comps.  But in talking to one of the class agents for the Class of 2009, the bleachers going up is the watershed moment for Commencement. That means it really will happen.

He told me he worried on Wednesday when the "sign" had not yet appeared.  Did that mean the bleachers were cost-engineered out?  I assured him that we could still pay for the bleachers.

65 degrees and sunny this Sunday.  Can’t wait.  The seniors?  Well, they are truly conflicted.  A story for another time. 

The Senior Bench – A First?

So, after seeing the Senior Bench in a paint "disarray" a few days ago, I decided to swing by with the camera to "see what I could see".  I have to admit, my jaw dropped just a wee bit when I rounded the corner to see the pink bench nicely trimmed.

Pink bench…hmmm…the fighter pilot in me started…

Then I walked to the back of the bench and the light came on.  Vilma Santana, a Modern Language intern, and the other interns had decided to paint the bench.  That part I knew…sort of.

I wondered aloud how that might turn out.

Here’s what I found…and I had hoped to find this sort of "statement."

These young ladies love Wabash.  I guess I knew that…or hoped that they loved their experience here.

This Good Place…blessed with interns who get the place and genuinely help these young men grow.

Commencement Weather "Guess" – GREAT!

To pilots, they aren’t forecasters as much as guessers…but that another story altogether.  

The bottom line is that, as of bright and early this morning, the forecast for Commencement weekend is a great one.  Not too hot and little chance of liquid sunshine.

Would be a great way to finish out this year…for a lot of reasons. 


CBS News, The Weather Channel, and Wabash College…Huh?!?

If you watch CBS News, when the report is from one of their Washington correspondents, or the Weather Channel when reporting the DC weather, you’ve seen this view in the background.  We are nort talking close to this view…exactly the same.  That’s because I took the photo from exactly the same vantage point of the studio CBS and the Weather Channel use.

That vantage point is from the roofdeck of the Jones Day law offices located on Louisiana Ave. in Washington.  The National Capital Association of Wabash Men has held a number of events there, thanks to Greg Castanias ’87, a partner in the firm.

The view?  Much better in person, believe me!

New Bash Hats – Sneak Preview

We’re into our second series of Big Bash reunions.  Over time, we’ve fine-tuned the weekend to make sure it has the right blend of stuff to do and nothing-but-talking to do.

Of course, this second series has included a new look to the invitation pieces and also, for those of you who are collectors, a new hat design.  Not going to show it all, you just have to wait.  I’ll be wearing mine all weekend…hope it’s warm but not too warm!


Fire Trucks – It's Spring at the Bash

One of the spring rituals here is the springtime parade of fire trucks.  Not sure why it happens when it happens…but it does.

Those of us who have been here for a while thought this trend would go away when the ghosts who kept activating the fire alarms in the old Sigma Chi house left.  It’s now become clear those ghosts stuck around and decided to pledge Phi Psi!

So, about lunch time four of C’ville’s best rolled up to the Phi Psi house.  Any panic was carefully contained.  So well contained, as a matter of fact, that the trucks and crew didn’t disturb the two fraternity members playing catch with a football in the front yard.  

I love spring!

Midnight Munch – Served 351!

We served 351 students last night at Midnight Munch – a breakfast that looked so good even the Grunge had some pancakes and bacon after the fact.  As you can see, a speciality last night was a custom designed, one-off "W" pancake developed by our resident Midnight Munch chief chef.

Midnight Munch, as I have told you before, is one of the highlights of the semester for me.  Last night I think I figured out why.  Two reasons.

1.  We’re all in this together.  It’s faculty and staff serving and students eating.  It’s a great equalizer where the real learning isn’t about Psychology 120 but about life and supporting these guys to do their best.  Everyone working the lines had that one purpose.

2.  The walk to and from Sparks Center.  It hit me last night that my slowest possible walking pace is to and from Sparks on these nights.  The campus is both silent and alive.  I took a few shots to try and capture just a little of that…but the walk across "this good place"  does the heart and mind good.  I go slow and stop a lot – soaking it all in.

Oh…the pancake chief chef?  Our President, Pat White!  That’s him mixing the batter! 


For a few more photos, click here.