I am always drawn to the rows of diplomas all neatly lined up.  Someday I hope to find a perfect way to photograph them.  Not close yet, not even close.

They all look exactly the same…but we know they are all different.  Each is personalized and many have extra Latin words like "Magna Cum Laude".  Mine says "Magna Cum Lucky"…I figured it was an honest spelling error.

But they are all the same as well.  
– All record achievement.  Same achievement, an AB from Wabash.
– All issue a challenge.  Take the degree and make a difference.  
– All indicate a member of the community.  Wabash alumnus.

At the end of the ceremony, the rack is empty…the way it should be.  Achievements noted and challenges accepted.  And we’ll begin watching the Class of 2009 as they turn education into action.