Took this photo at Baccalaureate yesterday – David Blix and Father "Monk" Malloy of Notre Dame…and now of Wabash College!

David Blix needs no introduction.  

Father Malloy was President of Notre Dame, "my president" when I had the good fortune to serve on the staff there.  Father Malloy led Notre Dame for 18 years.  He still lives in Sorin Hall, a residence hall on campus right next to the Golden Dome.

The common thread here is David and Father Malloy’s service as professor’s of Religion.  I have seen David talk of Islam and Sunday Father Malloy mentioned Islam and at least six other religions during his sermon. They know what they are talking about.  They both are men of God but also men who deeply understand Religion as a form of common ground, not as a form of division.  You certainly don’t need to be a believer in any Religion to understand these two men are really something special. 

Sunday was a special day in so many ways.  Please make sure you look over the web site for all the coverage of Commencement.