September 11th…one of those days you’ll always remember where you were when you first heard the news in 2001.

Set your politics aside for a minute. Keep in mind it wasn’t an attack on liberals or conservatives. It didn’t happen because we weren’t in “dialogue”. It wasn’t a result of our lack of action after the USS Cole. It’s wasn’t a military attack – it was carefully designed to be as horrifying and “on the news” as possible…for as long as possible. These people simply hate us and our way of life. There is no choice but to be vigilant and aggressive – everything else is seen as a sign of weakness.

Remember the Dads and Moms who never came home, the kids who still miss them, the firefighters and rescue workers who gave their lives, the men, women, and children who were innocent passengers on those guided-missile airliners.

Please don’t forget…please.

Photo: yesterday at Wabash College