Bob Armstrong was one of those Washington, DC area alumni who really helped us launch the Jim Graham ’65 Externship Program a couple of years ago. During the initial year of the program, Bob took on two externs. Those young men were able to see a great deal – I was amazed as I talked to Bob and to them. Bob’s skills and background puts him on the cutting edge of some very sophisticated developments. Our young men learned so much about Chemical Warfare and about our War on Terror in one short week.

Bob’s fighting a different war now. He’s had a recurrence of cancer that, I believe, stretches back to his days in Vietnam. As with any cancer, it’s a tough fight. However, Bob’s a pretty strong fighter in his own right. Of course, as I learned over and over again in my professional career, a team can be much more powerful than the sum of its parts. So, please join me on Bob’s team. Send a prayer his way. Your chosen faith matters not – what matters is we ask God for help in fighting Bob’s cancer.

Bob Armstrong – Some Little Giant!