Christmas List Item #1

Well, it’s almost October so it just might be time for assembling my Christmas wish list.

Early thoughts include a new Canon camera, winning the lottery and retiring instantly, an Irish victory in football (any game, even Navy!), about this…a new press box for Wabash football?

We traveled to Millikin last week and theirs is very nice. Never mind those visitor’s bleachers on a trailer, their press box is quality and a similar one would make a nice addition at Hollett Stadium, don’t you think?

So there you have it – the first item on the Grunge’s Christmas list – a new press box for the Little Giants.

  1. Hi Tom,
    It looks very nice, indeed!
    Since, football has a stadium, at least, my first item on my Xmas list would be to have a specific soccer stadium as well, besides winning the lottery, of course!
    Maybe, just maybe because there are more important things in life, like health, love and a peace of mind, you can put a Wabash soccer stadium as your number 4 item on your Christmas list!
    Santa always gives to the ones who really need!

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