Received the following email from Bill Cook ’66 this morning about the new Book "Around Dansville".

"It is a book of historical photos and captions. The authors are myself and Eric Huynh (Wabash ’07). I had done a similar book and when asked to do this one, I looked for a co-author and thought immediately of Eric, who is majoring in history at Wabash. Eric did most of the selecting of photos, all the scanning, and most of the layout. In fact, we did the layout on Jeremy Hartnett’s dining room in Crawfordsville.

If you go to and put "cook huynh dansville" as keywords, the book will appear. The blurb mentions that Eric is a senior History Major at Wabash. I did want to let you know that there is a published author in the Wabash class of 2007."

Thanks and congratulations to Bill and Eric!