I accompanied Howard Hewitt (Blog Link) on the visit to see Pat East ’00 and Ben Esbaum ’07 working together at Hanapin Marketing in Bloomington, Indiana. As we left after the visit, I couldn’t help but think of these guys just like the PGA tour ad – These Guys Are Good!

Pat’s savy and creative way beyond his years and Ben is performing like a full time employee and "comfortable" with his role and responsibility. †In fact,it appears that when Ben returns to Wabash for his final year, Pat will replace him with a full time employee.

This is one of the neatest parts of our work and why the liberal arts education is so, so valuable. Our English major graduate set up and now runs a very successful, growing technology and marketing company and our soccer-playing, just-off-an-immersion trip Econ major senior quickly adapted to a set of tasks completely different than he thought.

Gotta’ make you proud – it certainly does me.