Wabash's First Lady of Basketball – Gloria Petty

Gloria Petty

If my math is right, Mac Petty has been a head coach for 959 games of college basketball.

959 games.

For probably 950 plus, Gloria Petty has been right there – cheering on Mac’s teams.

It’s tough to be the coach – getting the team prepared and making in-game adjustments is about all you can do.  After that, it’s up to the team to win…or not.

I think it’s even tougher to be in Gloria’s shoes.  You can’t control what happens on the court no matter how much you’d like.

But Gloria Petty has a great impact on everything revolving around the game.  You see, Gloria is the model fan.  She cheers for her team – not against any other – and she excites the people around her as well.  She’s positive in every respect.

In another sense, while Mac is coaching the team, Gloria is mentoring the crowd.

Mac’s 42 size sneakers will be tough to fill – so will Gloria’s seat.