Faculty-Alumni Symposium Also Featured Magic

The Faculty – Alumni Symposium was a big hit.  A great afternoon and evening.

One of the real surprises was the magic performed.  First of all, alumnus Fletcher Boyd ’72 talked of his experiences in the restaurant industry and then transitioned to a quick card trick.

Pick a card, any card!

Fletcher asked a participant to select a card from the deck.  After showing it to the group, she returned it to the deck. Fletcher then proceeded to put the entire deck in his mouth!  Some how, some way, after he removed the deck, the folded card (6 of Clubs) was still in his mouth!

Watch closely!

In the very next session, Professor of Psychology Karen Gunther offered many various tasting exercises to the group.  In the photo she’s preparing a plate of goodies that demonstrated different several aspects of taste.

Professor Karen Gunther

During one, Karen had the attendees bite into a lemon slice.  Then she had them let a small capsule dissolve in their mouths,  After a few minutes, they tried the lemon again. This time the lemon slice was sweet – to the amazement of the attendees!

A Sweet Lemon Slice!