The Office Is Going Postal!

Stuff Those Envelopes!

Today was an “admin” day.  Our team stuffed 5,000 personalized letters into envelopes to let you know how to vote online for the candidates to the alumni board.

Don’t ask how it ended up this way.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that, when we discovered we would have to mail out 5,000 letters, the team responded.  Mike, Michele, Heather…and the Grunge (the slowest by far)… printed, folded, sorted, and stuffed it…it’s mailing today and tomorrow.

Sure, it’s much better for everyone when a mail house can do these things.  But, when push comes to shove, your alumni team responds.

They are good.  I am lucky to be on this team.

The Challenge of Excellence – Making Wabash Stronger

At the Wabash event in Grand Rapids, President White outlined the impact our new campaign, the Challenge of Excellence,  will have on the Wabash educational experience.

Wabash President Pat White

President White covered the four elements of the COE and explained how the funds for increased faculty salaries and expanded faculty development,  scholarships, business experiences, and off-campus learning experiences will make our faculty and students better.

For more on the COE, click here.

Paul Toohey '92 – Keeping Amway Running and Connected

Paul Toohey '92 and Jay Fisher '66

Caught up with Paul Toohey ’92 at the Grand Rapids dinner last Saturday.  Paul’s a living example of the power of a liberal arts education.  At Wabash Paul was a Political Science major.  Today he finds himself knee deep in technology at Amway Corporation.  He explained it to me…but let me give you the Grunge translation.  Paul is the guy that keeps Amway’s iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, Androids, laptops, and desktops all working and even more important, all communicating with each other.

In his spare time, as Jay Fisher explained, Paul’s the guru for life of the Monon bell telecast party in Western Michigan.

A Great Looking Family!

Team Dashiell

Jim Dashiell ’68 sent in this photo.  He’s outfitted the crew, his grandchildren, in festive gear for the Holidays.  Jim sure made it tough on Santa – not easy to equal or exceed Wabash apparel for Christmas!

Jim lives in Atlanta…Indiana that is.

Coach Mac

Coach Mac Petty H'82

Announced yesterday.  Coach Mac Petty hanging up those size 42 sneakers.  A boatload of years.  A bigger boatload of victories.  A storied basketball resume as a player and a coach.

A national champion!

None of that even comes close to his BIG accomplishments.

Mac Petty is, quite simply, a maker of men.  Dozens of Wabash men, many of them players but many not, are in part who they are because Mac Petty made them that way.  Oh, he didn’t need to get “in their face” or make them run ’til they puked.  He’s not that kind of guy.  No, simply being around Mac is enough to make many men want to be just like him.  Not the jump shot.  Not the move to the basket.  No, it’s just magic.  Mac is a man’s man – a gentleman is every respect. Don’t confuse that with soft.  He’s rock hard!  But he knows what it takes to play and win and live life the right way and that’s his standard.  Pure.  Simple.  No compromise.

Those 42s will be awfully tough to fill.

The New NCAC

The New North Coast Athletic Conference

That’s the layout in the Wooster gym.  I kept looking at it and something just seemed different…then I noticed it…DePauw.

Of course the questions remain…

Will DePauw hang a Wabash banner…and will it stay?  Ditto for a DePauw banner at Wabash.

Interesting thoughts on an otherwise uninteresting Monday night.

Swim Team Honors Seniors & Remembers Patrick Woehnker

This year’s senior swimming class started with one more, Patrick Woehnker.  Patrick died in an accident, though, in their freshman year.

His fellow swimmers have not forgotten and at their final home regular season meet, during the introductions of the seniors and their parents, they left starting position # 8 open in memory of their teammate.

It was a nice touch, to say the least.

High Flier – Ray Kljajic '78

He Went, He Saw, He Conquered!

That’s Trustee Ray Kljajic ’78 on the top of Uhuru Peak, in Tanzania.

Haven’t heard of Uhuru Peak?  Think Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Last fall Ray told me he was going to miss the January Trustee meeting because he was going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  All I could say is “Man, start working out!”

Obviously he did.

Bob Grand ’78 forwarded an email to me that someone sent on Ray’s behalf.  Short and to the point – “Hotel and a hot shower tomorrow.”

Ah, the great things in life.

Congrats Ray – Some Little Giant.