Wabash vs. Manchester

Took my first shot at photographing wrestling the other night.  Manchester College was in town to wrestle your Little Giants.

As far as the learning experience for the rank amateur that is the Grunge, it was indeed one.  Missed three times as many good photos as I captured and again went home to find that the photography monster had invaded my camera card and “out-of-focused” several premo shots!

However, one thing that struck me again – these guys burn through some serious calories in the space of less than 10 minutes on the mat.  That’s on top of the warming up exercise that seems to go forever.  One Manchester wrestler never stopped warming up behind me…never.

Coaches Anderson and Irwin Study The Action

At the end of the evening I came away, yet again, impressed by our team.  They train hard, wrestle hard, never give up, and they are well coached.  Brian Anderson has that wrestling engine firing on all cylinders.  Cousin Max is very proud, I’m sure!