We have discovered the causes of the problems experienced recently by the Grunge Report and are well on our way to fixing them or at least providing work-arounds.  Thanks to you two, (you know who you are), the readers who asked about the difficulty.  Our sense is that the Grunge Report may have peaked in reader-ship awhile back and we may be ready for the next step beyond the blog.

Note small size and capacity of the CNT and TGR

Our first problem was a severe restriction in the structural mechanism that insures unimpeded flow of CNT (CreativeNotionsandThoughts) through the system.  This has long been recognized as perhaps the weakest link in our Report technology but the only way around it is to develop an entirely new system.  We’re hopeful this is on the drawing board but until then we’ll continue to refine the current system to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing the outward signs of its severe limitations.

The CNT problem was compounded by severe rusting and structural degradation in the IM (InterestMechanism) module and the resultant strain on the GAS valve.  The combination produced extremely low system pressure, which significantly decreased the volume and quality of the output.  These system modules require periodic recharging, which is time consuming, and rely on a number of outside environmental variables well beyond the control of the The Generic Register (TGR).  This control mechanism was built largely with recycled and out-of-date aviation parts, most of them are no longer available.

A number of problems

Keep in mind this system is over five years old and was originally designed to last approximately 90 days so we are well beyond the warranty period.

Our ETIC (estimated time in commission) is 24-48 hours.  After that period we hope to restore power to the system and begin a gradual increase in system flow.  This process may take some time.  In the meantime, the system engineers believe you might want to seek additional blog feeds from here.

Thanks for your time and understanding.  We are working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.