Took this one last week (Thursday) during the snow storm.  I had decided to make this some kind of wardrobe post…but then it hit me.

I’m the guy who had the best of all worlds.  For every work day, I would go to the closet and pick a suit to wear for the day.  The suits were all the same.  They were the same color.  They were all green.  We called them “bags”.  Fire resistant.  86 or so pockets.  They held everything.  The only thing you had to do, before you ever wore one, was to cut the knife pocket off.  Only the best pilots could go sans knife pocket.  The best work clothes ever.

But I digress…

This photo is really about one of the key reasons to go to an all male institution.  You can wear what you want.  When you want.  Shorts for January 20th?  Sure.  But remember your head gear ’cause it’s cold and snowing.

On a more serious note though, this is about the kind of college we are.  This is a place where, as a student, you can be Y-O-U.  You don’t need to pretend anything.  Linebacker and theater major?  Sure.  Chem major and president of the bass fishing club?  Sure.  Great faculty member and ultimate frisbee geek?  Sure.

Be you.  (Maybe I’ll try to be ME tomorrow and wear a “bag” to work?)