Took this photo early one morning…the same day they put the Christmas decorations on the front sign. I arrived a little early, I guess.

Bill Cook ’66, on campus for this year as the sabbatical replacement for Bill Placher, gave the invocation at the 2008 Homecoming Chapel. In that invocation, he used the term “this good place” to describe Wabash. His words have been rolling around in my mind ever since. Not earth shattering, of course, but it was just the way he said it. It’s as if someone just described their favorite restaurant, or get-away location, and asked that you keep it a secret.

I took Bill’s words to mean Wabash is a good place and a place of good. I wasn’t the least bit put off that he didn’t use great. Great is great…but might be over the top. Good is, well, a “B” shooting for an “A”. ‘Been there! Bill didn’t say “this good college” and I believe it’s because Wabash is much more than a college. It’s a place. Our place.

Our place is good. Our place does good. Our place creates good.

The real key, I think, is that there is an honest effort, on the part of the entire Wabash community, to be better today than we were yesterday. And, of course, to be better tomorrow than our best today.

Do we have warts? Sure. Bumps? Sure. Blemishes? You bet. Do we look in the mirror and walk away satisfied? I hope never.

So, during the season of giving I hope you’ll consider “this good place”. I know you have many worthy causes you have the potential to support now and throughout the year. Pause though and remind yourself of the good of Wabash and the good brought to you by all that is the experience Wabash. It’s good…and will be better.

Please, please consider investing in this good place.

Happy Holidays from the Grunge and Carol. Tonight, Grunge will make the transition to GaBunge and Carol to Nana. We hope to do some good…for our children and grandchildren. And I’ll see you in the New Year, if not before.

Footnote: Two years ago, over New Years Eve weekend, I had prostate cancer surgery (I know, too much info.) Today I am fine, minus prostate. Wabash men, do me a favor. Get your PSA tested. Simple. Easy. Low cost. Trey Holland ’71, my classmate and doc, and a simple blood test saved my life. Make this a new year’s resolution…please. Prostate cancer, in this day and age, should not kill anyone.