This blog entry comes from Jay Fisher ’66, past president of our alumni board. I couldn’t say it any better…

“This Christmas, my brother Jeff, Class of ’76, and his family were visiting with Marty and me and our family. As you might expect, we were discussing the general plight of the economy and the financial uncertainty which calls for prudence in direction. This uncertainty can paralyze a person in the short term with unintended longer term impact. Into the third TWR that was our thoughtful conclusion. Just then his son, Jake, walked into the room. Jake had just been accepted early admission to Wabash for the Class of 2013 and was pretty proud (He already knew we were.) In applying this “short term/long term” analysis, we observed that Wabash had provided and is providing the Geneses of the solid foundation for progressing in each of our professions, our families, and our communities.

Significantly, both of us received our Wabash benefit because others before us provided for our financial aid need. Now we are two generations deep with the third generation of grandsons standing in the wings (more like wobbling at this time … but learning to stand). Again the “short term/long term” impact. Someone(s) short term understood the value of their help to Wabash with its longer term impact we experienced and are experiencing.

So, as the new year begins, we all need to assess our short term responsibility … just give what you can. If you are one of the lucky ‘Bashers who can give a little more … now is the time … to pick up the slack for some of our Little Giants brothers who must focus their financial bullets elsewhere short term. Provide some short term leadership for the long term impact. Wabash … in these times … now more than ever. This is not a cliche. This is for the longer term Wabash and for the “wobblers” who are just now starting to stand. I believe in a general sense (and from my experience personally know ) we owe no less. Fail now short term, and the longer term opportunity dims. So I urge you to think about it and give what you can large, small, one time, from month to month … as you can. This urge is from someone who is not a Wabash fundraiser but a Wabash beneficiary: help now in the short term for the long term Wabash opportunity as we know it and want it to be. It won’t be easy … it will be worth it.”

Photo – Jay Fisher ’66 serving as alumni board president.