Bob Quirk ’50 is the author of a couple of books he calls “Real American Stories”. They’re very interesting reads, covering a wide range of subjects from the the Civil War to sports.

In one of the books, Bob describes his Wabash “application process”. Graduating from high school in 1945, he didn’t make college plans. When the war ended he and his parents decided to travel to Crawfordsville (from Wingate) to see Wabash. They sat down with Bob Harvey and talked about the possibility of attending the college. After discussing Wabash, Harvey told Bob that he should be heading to class (they visited on the first day of class) and Harvey penciled together a schedule.

From campus visit to attending class in a matter of hours! Bob says in his book: “I don’t think that would work today…

Bob – you’re probably right!

Photo: Bob Quirk autographing a copy of one of his books.