Charlie Quillin, class agent for the Class of 1960, has been a real difference maker at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Charlie has held many senior positions with the institution, among them Dean of Students for 27 years and major gift officer.

Charlie’s now semi-retired. From what I can tell that means he’s still working full time but from a home office. Those of you who know Charlie know what I mean.

As it turns out, and it’s never been something Charlie has talked about, Charlie has also been teaching for virtually his entire time at Point Park. He started teaching before he ever arrived but continued teaching things like cell biology and scientific writing for journalists. Through the years, in addition to his day job and often teaching at odd times during the week and weekend, Charlie has advanced through the academic ranks to full professor status. So, it’s a special time when Charlie is to be honored as a Professor Emeritus by Point Park on Friday, May 2, 2008.

Charlie Quillin, you are some Little Giant! We’re proud of you!