That’s Dale Milligan, Class Agent for the Class of 1949, at a recent Class Agent Forum.

Dale stopped by the office a couple of days ago. He was looking forward to the presentation on the USS Indianapolis we had on campus yesterday. As it turns out, Dale was on another ship crossing the same sea lane as the USS Indianapolis when the attack occurred. Dale explained to me that, at that time on the conflict, people could see the end of the war coming and were a little lax in their vigilance. The sinking of the USS Indianapolis was a huge wake-up call, so to speak.

As I sat in my office after Dale’s visit, it dawned on me that Dale was another combat-proven member of what Tom Brokaw described as our greatest generation. I never knew that Dale had served in WWII. I never knew of his service. It was something everyone did in those days, I guess. No chest banging – just matter of fact.

Dale Milligan ’49 – Wabash grad, devoted husband, local businessman, class agent, warrior. A belated salute to you, my friend!