This post will probably get me officially named an “old fuddy-duddy”…but that’s OK.

I really enjoy football-all kinds. However, there’s a special “fun-ness” to Wabash football. It’s Div. III-played for the love of the game. It’s about our Alma Mater-the Little Giants taking on one more bigger school…and winning. And, it’s all about a College that gives it’s absolute best on the field – Wabash Always Fights!

But it’s also about everything we associate with our College – a special bond and an all pervasive, never-quit attitude…in everything we do, not just sports. I really like to hear people say that there’s something special about Wabash College and the Wabash community.

I don’t like to hear them say anything bad about our school or the Wabash fans. And I heard some of that this past weekend.

So, when you are at Whitewater, cheer all day long for the Little Giants. Show everyone your pride. Show everyone that Wabash College is a class act. Cheer for Wabash. Save the slams on their team, coaches, and fans for some other time. 

The Gentleman’s Rule applies.