Some of you may recall Steve Charles, our exceptional magazine editor, “outed” my particular battle with prostate cancer a couple of magazines ago. Of course, in the process I have learned much, much more than I ever wanted to about cancer. Probably most alarming, believe it or not, is the fact that my little brother, age 50, just had his prostate removed. Not a good sign for my sons and grandsons.

In the process, I have talked to many alumni and parents about the Big “C”. Just yesterday I heard from a good friend/alumnus that his battle with cancer, which he and his doctors thought ended over three years ago, is back. I feel good that he’s a fit, otherwise healthy guy and, if anyone can whip it, he can. But I hate like the devil the fact that he is in, literally, the fight of his life.

So – and this has nothing to do with Wabash – do me a small favor or two. Think about a gift to the American Cancer Society. You probably won’t fund a cure. But if you and I…and 100,000 others drop a few dollars their way, we might help. Also, say a prayer or two or three for your friends, and those you don’t know, who are in similar battles. Your choice of religion isn’t important – it’s the thought that counts. The Big Guy is listening.

Thanks…and now back to Wabash College.