"Stuck" At Home!

Carol and I are "stuck" at home. Our driveway is clear and the county roads are clear…but between the driveway and the county roads there a simple matter of two feet of snow. The mailman drove a four wheel drive truck into the neighborhood and his front bumper acted like a snow plow!

Reminds me of our days up in Granger, Indiana, near South Bend and Notre Dame. Of course, up there they can keep up with a lot more snow…

Oh well, another cup of hot chocolate and an afternoon nap might be in order…

Photo: view onto our patio.

Special Report from Jim Roper '68

Jim Roper ’68, good friend and fellow F-111 driver, sent me the following picture and mail…

Start your Monday with a laugh.

The attached picture shows (Wabash 68 Betas) Dr. John Hudson, Ken Koepke, and Jim Roper after a hard day of skiing and a bit of wine at Copper Mountain this weekend. Before we crashed for the evening, we called Beta brothers Jason Reed and Ron Hill, and extracted promises to attend the Class of 1968 reunion. Hooah!

To your good health!

Best wishes,

Jim Roper 68

The Class of 1968 is well underway planning their 2008 get-together. Great news!

These Guys Are Good!

…and they’re Some Little Giants!

The Wabash swim team is at the North Coast Athletic Conference swim finals as we speak. Let me tell you something…this conference isn’t about perennial #1s Kenyon and Denison any more. Wabash coach Pete Casares has a squad that’s ranked #5 in the nation right now and challenging those powerhouses like never before.

Howard Hewitt is with the team and his blog is certainly worth following. Click here for Howard’s reports!

Tom Hiatt '70 Joins Bank Board

We were recently informed that Tom Hiatt ’70 has been appointed to the board of directors of Lake City Bank.

Congratulations Tom!

Tom is managing director and co-founder of Centerfield Capital Partners. He was Magna Cum Laude from Wabash and has a masters degree in management from MIT!

I Found Baseball Great Ted Williams

During my early morning trip around Hays Science Hall, I think I found Ted Williams, baseball legend, "cooling his heels" in one of the labs. At least it looks like it could be Ted’s temporary digs – until they figure out how to unfreeze and rebuild him. If we bring him back to life, does he have any eligibility for the Little Giant baseball team?

OK – I’m kidding.

But this is a shot of one of the many research labs our young men have access to in class and when accomplishing their research with Wabash’s talented faculty. Unbelievable facilities – I hope you’ll take a tour when you’re next on campus.

Lon Porter – I'd Take Chemsitry In His Class – Maybe

I was wandering around the Hays Science Hall before the alumni board meetings and happened upon Professor Lon Porter’s chemistry lab. For a chemist, Lon’s obviously got a sense of humor that is a little different from the scientist I most remember in my days – Willis Johnson, AKA god!

Below this parking sign is a poster from Star Wars. Lon is cool – I am sure he’s a student favorite.

I’d be tempted to take a class…but it’s still chemistry and for a poor, dumb, fighter pilot, that’s a real leap.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you where I found baseball great Ted Williams in Hays!

Stay warm!

Ron Rychlak '80 To Be Honored In Washington, DC

University of Mississippi School of Law professor Ronald J. Rychlak, Wabash Class of 1980, will be honored Feb. 6 at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., for his role in "The Nashville Declaration," a six-point statement of principals designed to minimize the risk of religious persecution in the future. Rychlak also is the recipient of the 2006 Frederic Ozanam Award from the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, which is a national award that recognizes outstanding contributions to Catholic social understanding.

Ron is currently an Associate Dean at the University of Mississippi Law School. †An Economics major at Wabash, Ron was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Congratulations Ron!

Information from a press release provided by Wabash alumnus Tamarco White ’06

Andrew T. Ford – 14th President of Wabash College

On Saturday, January 27, 2007, the official portrait of our 14th president, Andy Ford, was unveiled during a ceremony in the Lilly Library. As is our custom, the portrait will hang in the library for some period of time before it makes its way into the Pioneer Chapel.

It’s Andy…definitely. The smile says it all.

The weekend and the portrait ceremony remind me of what a very personal place our College is. President Ford is "Andy" – to everyone. President White is "Pat". Everyone feels free to help Coach Creighton by offering a play in the closing minutes of another classic Monon Bell contest.

Where else but our College?