LTC Mark Lee – Some Little Giant!

This just came in from Mark Lee ’86. Mark was to have attended a get-together on campus this past weekend. However, duty calls.

Mark – you have the greatest job in the world – Commander. Enjoy every minute and be safe!




I wanted to let you know that I will be unable to attend the celebration this weekend. Operational requirements here at Fort Lewis have increased over the last few weeks and I am unable to get away. I have Soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq, so basketball has to take a back seat.

I am the Battalion Commander for a unique organization that is charged with eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction. As you can imagine, we have a very talented Soldiers that are ready to accomplish a daunting and dangerous task. I am proud to be their commander.

You should know that the lessons I learned at Wabash and playing for you have proven invaluable to me over the years.

I have attached my picture from 2003 in Kirkuk, Iraq that show me sitting on $230M in captured gold. That gold was returned to the Iraqi Government soon after that picture was taken.

Liz and I send our best to you and Gloria. Please pass my regards to all the guys that make it back to Crawfordsville.



LTC Mark Lee

Commander, 110th Chemical BN (Technical Escort)