Coach Brock Remembered with "The Coach Brock Gun"

"The Gun" is a machine that sits under the hoop and catches the balls that go in or near the basket. It then automatically distributes the balls to team members at one of 12 shooting positions. Evidently, we were the last basketball program in the world to have this neat shooting aid. That’s half of the story.

The other half begins with former Wabash College coach Bob Brock. A number of players from the 1950s and 1960s wanted to honor their coach and asked what the program needed. Coach Mac Petty H’82 gave them the "gun" idea and the former players, led by Trustee Bob Wedgeworth ’59, took the ball an ran/dribbled with it, so to speak.

Thanks Coach Brock and thanks to all the alumni who made the "Gun" possible.