Scott Crawford and Stephanie Hopkins, the leadership team in our Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC), have started a neat program…a suit exchange. But it’s more than suits…it shirts…ties…even shoes.

The idea is simple and straightforward. When one of our young guys has an interview for an internship, externship, or job, he has the option of wearing something appropriate from the suit exchange rather than spending a bunch of money on business attire. He’ll have to spend those bucks someday, I know, but those days may be later rather than sooner for some of our guys.

The SCC has received several suits, shirts, ties, etc. from alumni but can always use more. In this Season of Giving, think about our young men and the suit exchange. As you get ready to mail in your Annual Fund gift before December 31st, throw in a few extra $$$ for the SCC effort.

You’ll be making a difference and it’ll make you feel good…