It’s a Tuesday night tradition during finals week.  Wabash faculty, coaches, and staff, working with the Bon Appetit team,  serve a midnight breakfast to our guys as they are studying for finals. 

Last night, when the counting was done, we were on the north side of 300 students going through the line…almost 40% of the student body!  The talk between faculty members like Melissa Butler, Lon Porter, and Mike Axtell and the students was exactly what you would expect at Wabash – supportive and encouraging.  I was tired – I almost didn’t go.  Man, am I glad I did.  Little things like Midnight Munch reinforce the unique culture we have…

 In the photo:  New head trainer Mark Colston, Coach Rob Johnson H’77, New Media director Howard Hewitt, and Coach Mac Petty H’82 serving up a great midnight meal. SCC director Scott Crawford (in back) awaits his turn at the spatula!   

Check out the Public Affairs blog "FYI" which includes a photo album from last night’s Munch.