St. Louis Sendoff – A Great Model

A Crowd – Inside and Out

This is the fourth year the St. Louis alumni group has held their summer sendoff.  Each year it’s grown.  This year over 60 folks – alumni, family, current students, new students – gathered to talk about Wabash College and answer questions.

We had alumni from the 1950s through a 2012 graduate and current students from seniors to sophomores.  Some discussions centered on the new student experience, some on Wabash sports, and some on networking in the St. Louis area.  Kind of a win-win-win scenario.

The formula is a simple one.  Anne and Tom Walsh ’73 have been super generous in hosting these events.  They open up their home and they provide all the food and beverages.  Susan and Jim Dyer ’83 are the “spark plugs” that get the St. Louis engine running, getting the word out to all in the area.

Thanks go out to Anne and Tom and Susan and Jim and all the folks in the St. Louis area. See you at the Wash U. game, if not before!