Blair Hammer '04

Blair Hammer '04

How would you like to be an offensive lineman standing at the line of scrimmage and looking across at that “look”?

Blair Hammer ’04 was one of the most dominant defensive linemen we’ve ever had – just like his brother BJ.  BJ, as you probably know, is our new Defensive Coordinator.  In the “small world” category, Blair is a coach at Westfield High School.  His head coach?  Jake Gilbert ’03, our previous Defensive Coordinator.

I checked in with Blair and asked him what he thought so far about the Little Giants and the defense.  Of course, I got one of those”best my brother” comments – I would have done the same thing.  But I could tell Blair was pleased with our defense and happy for BJ.  After all, brothers can pick on each other but…nobody else dare.

It was a fun day…




B&T attorneys make the list

Barnes & Thornburg LLP law firm recently posted this press release:

The Best Lawyers in America® 2012, a national guide of the country’s top attorneys, listed 135 attorneys from Barnes & Thornburg.

Wabash alumni included on the list and their areas are:

Brian Burdick ’91 – government relations practice and municipal law

Bob Grand ’78 – government relations practice, municipal law

Paul Jefferson ’92 – appellate practice

Jeff Qualkinbush ’88 – public finance law


More Than "Five Guys"

Those Chefs Are Sphinx Club Pledges

Everyone has heard of Five Guys…great sandwiches.  But I have to tell you, I had a cheeseburger at the Sphinx Club Cookout before the football game, and it was just as good…or better.  Keep in mind this was the pledge’s initial sortie into the cookout “thing” but these guys hit it out of the park…I mean scored a touchdown!

As they say in those commercials, these guys are good!


Eugene Anderson '83 – "Give me the rock!"

Eugene Anderson '83

Eugene Anderson ’83 was back on campus this past weekend for the Celebration of 40 Years of Service by the men of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies (MXIBS).  Over 50 alumni were back on campus – Assoc. Deans of the College Cheryl Hughes and Jerry Bowie ’04 reported a good time was had by all.

Eugene just couldn’t put the ball down at the Wabash – Ohio Wesleyan game.  Like all fine running backs, and he was a good one, when the game comes down to it, they want the ball in their hands.

Some things just don’t change!


The Phi Delts Report That The Bench…

The Bench Is Red!

Stopped by the Senior Bench Saturday morning before I went to work as admin support for the weekend’s activities.  As suspected, members of the Phi Delt pledge class already had the bench painted and were…ahhh…catching up on their sleep.

Wild Hogs II

There are actually four guys in there somewhere.  The beauty of being young like these guys is they can sleep any where at any time.


Nancy Doemel – "Retired"? – only from Wabash!

Our dear colleague Nancy Doemel  retired from the Advancement Office last January, but retirement hasn’t slowed her down!   Nancy was featured in two local publications recently:  the Lafayette, IN Journal Courier and the Wabash Magazine Spring 2011 edition.

Alumni and friends of Wabash will remember Nancy in many roles at the College since she and her husband, Prof. Bill Doemel who also retired in January, came to Crawfordsville and Wabash in 1970.  Over the years, Nancy served the Advancement Office as grant writer and Senior Advancement Officer, and for more than a decade directed Wabash’s overseas program in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Bill served the College for more than 40 years as a biologist, director of the computer center, and most recently as the director of operations for Trippet Hall and the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts. 

We miss the Doemels at Wabash, but are blessed with their continued presence in our community.

Quick Bench Update

The Senior Bench - September 15, 2011

Nice paint job by our young men in the TKE house.  Looks like they are honoring TKE legend Jon Pactor ’71.

The Bench will be different on Saturday morning…I am willing to bet it’s red and that report at the football game will be…ahh heck, wait for it!


We've Lost Ed McLean

There are special people who have served Wabash and her men.  Their impact was great on like thinkers.  Their impact was equally great on those with differing opinions.

Such a man was Ed McLean.

Some will utter “Con Law”…some will mention conservative thought…some will mention the look that drilled right through you.  Many will start with “I remember when Ed…”.  All will be sad.  Sad because somehow Ed was supposed to be here forever…influencing young men to think their own thoughts and defend their own opinions.

However, in the grand scheme of things, we needn’t worry.  After all, Ed’s impact means…presence tense…there are several “Ed clones” out there.  They will take up where Ed left off.  Trust me on this.

Meanwhile, God gets a newcomer at His Scarlet Inn.  But Ed won’t be a rhynie for long…

Safe travels friend…


The Griffin-Mondovics Ticket – Righto!

Thought you’d enjoy the news via another Wabash blog that Wabash College is running Harlaxton College in England this semester!  That is, Tyler Griffin ’13 was just elected Student Body President and Jon Mondovics ’13 was elected Student Body Vice President for their semester abroad at Harlaxton.  Click here for the rest of the story by Tyler.  At Harlaxton, Student Government Association elections are held during the first two weeks of classes. Then, after elections, committees are formed on a voluntary basis for the students to plan the rest of their semester’s activities.  Harlaxton is one of several study abroad sites experienced by Wabash students each semester, thanks to the support of alumni and friends of Wabash.

Congratulations, Tyler and Jon!

Prof. Mike Abbott '85 quoted in The New Yorker mag

Prof. of Theater Mike Abbott ‘ 85  was quoted in an August  New Yorker article about video-game acting/actors :   “Michael Abbott, a professor of theatre at Wabash College and the proprietor of an influential gaming blog, told me, “You’d expect players to be tired of hearing Jennifer Hale’s voice after dozens of games, but she’s made herself untraceable. She’s played everything from a love-struck English schoolgirl to a stoic, battle-tested soldier. She’s a chameleon. It helps that she has a knack for making exposition and technical language sound like dinner conversation.”  (Tom Bissell, Profiles, “Voicebox 360,” The New Yorker, August 15, 2011, p. 48 )

Click here for more on Mike’s use of computer games in the classroom.