Not Your Mom's Mac-o-cheese

Triton Brewing Company Opening Today

When you click on the segment of their web site ( that tells you about Triton Brewing, it starts with a classic line recognized by grandparents and parents the world over: “Drinking the same beer every time is like eating nothing but macaroni and cheese.”

I can certainly relate to that.

David Waldman ’93 is one of the founders of Triton Brewing.  David passed along this schedule for the next few days:

Fri.     9/2  3p-10p    Food by Fat Dan’s Deli
Sat     9/3  11a-10p    Food by King David Dogs at lunch and Tacos Without
Borders at dinner
Wed.  9/7  3p-10p    Food by Hoosier Fat Daddy
Thurs. 9/8  3p10p    Food by Fat Dan’s Deli
Fri.     9/9  3p-10p    Food by Fat Sammies
Sat.    9/10 11a-10p   Food TBA
(No mention of Mac-o-cheese!)

Swing by (location on their web site) and tell them the Grunge sent you.