Back on March 20, 2011 I shared my experiences with you as I watched senior Will Skertic and his friends work on his senior art project.

This week the senior art projects were set up in the Eric Dean Gallery.  If you want to see some great talent, make a point to swing by and take a look.

I felt I owed you a look at Will’s finished products. After all, I left Fine Arts as the real detail work for Will was just beginning.  Here’s a couple of shots.

Will Skertic '11
Will Skertic '11

Will has a great deal of talent.  And so do others.  For example, I just happened to catch the Gallery when it was providing an educational experience for some elementary school children.  Wabash legendary Art Professor Greg Huebner H’77 welcomed the students and turned it over to a couple of seniors.

I caught senior Ian Starnes explaining a couple of his paintings.

Ian Starnes '11

Ian explained to the students that this particular painting was a cityscape done on glass and you can actually see yourself in the photo.

Spring by Ian Starnes '11

Ian also pointed out a series of four “paintings” he had done on the seasons of the year.  What makes these different is that he didn’t use any paint but instead used natural materials he found at Shades State Park and on campus.