A Film by Russ Harbaugh '06

Wabash campus, Tuesday evening, April 19, 2011.

Russ Harbaugh ’06, Chris Ogden ’06,  and Jake Knott ’03.  Three talented Wabash football stars.  The making of a Wabash football reunion.  But it wasn’t about football.

It was the Wabash liberal arts in action.

Jake Knott is a very successful investments guy in the Indy area.  He and his bride came for a friend.
Chris Ogden is off to Harvard Business School in August. He and his bride came for a friend.
Russ is finishing his degree at Columbia and it was his film, title in the photo, that brought everyone together.  He has good friends.

I won’ tell you about the film – you need to see it.  Yes, need.  I can tell you this.  I have been in exactly the same shoes as one of the characters…exactly.  Russ captured, and more importantly documented, every single emotion an oldest son goes through.  Spot on.  A “shack” in fighter lingo.  Perfecto.

Russ Harbaugh '06

Russ is in the “can of pork and beans for dinner” phase of being a film maker.  Displaying his talents and looking for the right fit, the right opportunity.  To make this film, Russ needed about $35,000.  $20,000 of that came from the Wabash community.  Sure some big names helped.  But there were also people on campus, everyday good people, who helped make it happen.  57% from the Wabash family…57%.

This out-of-work fighter pilot believes the pork and beans phase will be followed by the Capital Grill and St. Elmos phase.  I hope it will.  But let me tell you this.  Just like a few years back, Russ has proven again he’s a winner.  The creative talents he has have shifted from 3rd down and 7 yards to go to film cameras, set design, writing a script, and character development.  He’s kept one thing the same – calling audibles to make it happen/save the day.  He’s a guy you want in the game when it’s time to make things happen.

Kinda’ like Jake Knott and Chris Ogden.