Professor Michael Bricker '04

Art 210.  Here’s the description in Michael Bricker’s own words: “…we will spend the semester trying to make sense of our constructed world by considering the landscape, the building, and the city as they relate to issues in contemporary architecture.”

I caught up with the class as they traveled the campus, with a small group of students reporting on their projects at different locations.  If you are thinking “show and tell”, forget it.  This was all about architecture as it relates to our world and environment – no easy stuff here.  And Michael, I’m sure, could spot that in a nano-second.

In the middle of the Arboretum, a project that started out as “cover the entire arboretum” was located.  Quickly the team realized the magnitude of their project, and scaled it appropriately.

Students observe the impact of their presence on the canopy above them.

The discussion, skilfully guided, went from environmental impacts on structure, to a “vice versa”, to the arboretum as a public walkway versus a journey through nature.

I talked to two students, one I know is a senior, as they made their way from one project to the next.  “Best class I have taken..Period!”  they stated.  Both also mentioned a post-Wabash path through life that would include elements of the class.  They were hooked.

Michael Bricker.  Wabash alumnus. Class of 2004. Almost 30.  Art major.  Co Founder of People for Urban Progress.  Recycler of the RCA Dome roof.

Most of all – Life Changer!