Prof. Rick Warner begins class as a student gets a cup of hot chocolate

Professor Rick Warner emailed me last night with a bit of a challenge.  “Want to know where young alumni are?  They’re on Facebook!  Over 25 have been writing on my wall about my not canceling class”.

So, in the midst of my daily mail run for the office (we dropped campus mail delivery to save some $$$) I stopped by Rick’s Mexican American History class this morning.  He had a good turnout and, get this, he was serving homemade hot chocolate to the class!


I was going to take a few photos and finish the mail run but I just couldn’t leave.  Everyone was engaged in the conversation.  Rick WASN’T lecturing – it was a true discussion.  And in the truest form of what Wabash does best, the group listened to all the opinions expressed and continually explored every possible discussion topic.

A student makes a point about language differences

Yes, I am a Rick Warner fan!  But this goes beyond Rick and even beyond his class.  It’s all about Wabash guys learning together…with a great cup of hot chocolate on a cold, icy day.