Why I Love Div. III Sports

Chuck Barber (OWU '55) and his son Chip (Ashland '81)

These two gentlemen, Chuck Barber and his son Chip, stopped by our tailgate before the OWU football game.  They are both big Ohio Wesleyan fans.  They were FOR OWU, but not against Wabash.

We had a great talk.  Chuck wants nothing more than OWU football to be back where it was in his days and is working hard to help that happen.  Chip, even though he graduated from Ashland, agrees.  Chip is a frequent poster on  He was dying to meet “WallyWabash”!

There was no doubt in my mind that they loved OWU every bit as much as I do Wabash. There was also no doubt they believed in the concept of student-athlete and wouldn’t trade the good education for anything else.

Good folks who care deeply about the right things – what more could you ask for across the field?

  1. Chuck Barber introduced himself to me after the game. He couldn’t stop complimenting our players and our FANS! Chuck is obviously a great guy.